They Watch Us From The Moon drops debut album on May 5th

Cosmic space metal outfit ‘They Watch us From The Moon’ are a band with riffs as heavy as Osmium shot through with melodic lead guitar lines (think Gilmour meets Buck Dharma) as strong as spider’s silk. Add in the sublime and soaring vocals vocals of TWUFTM’s twin ‘Space Angels’ Luna Nemesis and Nova 10101001, and you have a unique proposition that lifts this record far above any genre pigeonholing.

TWUFTM are also a band that has a concept behind the groove. Sci-fi space opera, a love for 70’s glam, Bowie and Queen, brought to the fore visually, in their mashing of comic book narratives and George Clinton’s Funkadelic style alter ego’s. 

As to the music … the colossal weight of riffs on this first-contact missive are made so gloriously enjoyable by memorable hooks, honed repetition and and an agile rhythm section that can make each one of their (sometimes 10 minute) stargaze rides feel like an epic odyssey. Fellow space travellers Hawkwind and Pink Floyd, and even Spacemen 3, have been in similar orbits before, but never this heavy.

Now, alongside a trajectory charted by Monster Magnet and maintained by The Sword, Ufomammut, White Hills and Witch Mountain …. TWUFTMdon’t just breathe new life into cosmic tones, they take it to a different level.

Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension’ is something new within Heavy Psychedelics, in fact it’s something new anywhere.

Welcome to the (other) world of They Watch Us From The Moon. 

Pre Orders are available via Cargo Records: