Limb’s self titled debut album out now.

Riffs heavier than a supermassive black hole, barbed, ripped and laid bare over relentless primal drums and pumping fuzz bass.

Filthy fuzzed grooves pause to reveal shimmering chords before pile driving in again. Just when you thought it was safe. There’s more pile-driving. Hooks will hook you. Grooves will groove you. Grimm (sic) stories from the dark brain of vocalist Rob Hoey will unsettle you.

Ladies and gentlemen, New Heavy Sounds give you Limb, a mesmerising debut album.

Limb’s murky emanations do indeed flow from the foggy well-spring of British doom, sludge and heavy rock. For sure their sound also evokes the grooves of Goatsnake, Weedeater and Eyehategod.

But they are a band that will look beyond the often strictly defined genre boundaries, pushing the envelope and taking a few risks whilst keeping the doom diehards’ heads a bangin’.

In truth Limb’s first album shows that even within doom or sludge, whatever you want to call it and however you wish to define it, there is still room for expansion, experimentation and evolution. ‘Gift of The Sun’ even made it onto Stuart Maconie’s experimental Freak Zone 6Music radio show, and that perhaps highlights Limb’s singular vision.

Their sound is shot through with an almost alternative twist on the Doom/Sludge theme, its dynamics and approach akin to Slint in many ways.

Though post rock it most certainly isn’t

It’s deliberately stripped down. Stark, bleak and visceral. As dark and menacing as Joy Division ‘de-tuned’.

Though post-punk it most certainly isn’t.

There are moments of sleazy psychedelics, blasts of cosmic rock and brushes with hardcore.

For this release, we have some very special cover art too, created by the super talented (and super hot) Richey Beckett, fresh from his work with Metallica and Mastodon. Believe us when we say that it’s pretty special. Intricately detailed and darkly beautiful –

The super deluxe vinyl edition will come in a gatefold sleeve, housing the heavyweight 180g 2 colour green and black disc. Plus an insert of the cover art and a free download of the whole album.

Vinyl is limited to just 300 copies and is also available on CD and Download.