Grave Lines join NHS with an awesome new album in May

NHS are immensely proud to unveil the second album by London/Brighton heavy contingent GRAVE LINES.

Titled ‘FED INTO THE NIHILIST ENGINE’ it will be released on double  vinyl, CD and digital download this coming May.

Their debut “Welcome To Nothing”, crashed into life with a triumphant stamp in 2016. Now “FED INTO THE NIHILIST ENGINE” sees the band expand their sound across nine weighty, yet darkly melodic tracks.

Coming in at just shy of an hour. FED INTO THE NIHILIST ENGINE is a must listen for fans of all things heavy, however anybody seeking music that delves into the darker and more introspective aspects of the human condition will find much to love within its expansive tracks. At times quiet and melancholy, at times an oppressive and miserable onslaught of crushing riffs and filth-laden grooves.

Fans of Yob to Neurosis, even Bauhaus or Dead Can Dance, take heed, FITNE reaches out to encompass elements of them all. Lyrically introspective, dark and challenging, vocalist Jake Harding states …

“The album is an exploration into our relationship with negativity. The Nihilist Engine is symbolic of our greatest flaw and the self-defeating nature of our species. This machine represents both the inner turmoil of the human spirit and our struggle to understand the darkness spreading from external forces. Self-perpetuating and infectious, these feelings contaminate and spread. A relentless machine drawing us in and chewing up our poisoned remains.”

Grave Lines are back with a record which promises to take you on an exploratory journey deep within the inner realms of your own psyche. Check out this awesome video here

Presented in 3 colour cream/green vinyl and black double vinyl versions, housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed lyric inners, and limited to 300, get your vinyl/cd copy here

Also available on digital here