Black Moth & Limb

Black Moth UK tour with Limb. Giveaway live tracks.

With the Black Moth tour with labelmates Limb now over we just have to say what a ball it’s been. Pre tour New Heavy Sounds offered a little taster of what to expect. Two thumping live tracks taken from their performance at London’s Barfly for John Kennedy’s XFM Xposure show.

Well it’s still available so grab ‘m from our Bandcamp now.

Black Moth’s ‘Spit Out Your Teeth’ was they’re first single for NHS and this live version is darker and heavier than ever.

Likewise with Limb’s ‘Plague Doctor’. Originally recorded for their split ep on Witch Hunter Records, it’s a doomier, sludgier beast than the recorded version. Enjoy.

You can download both tracks for free, from our Bandcamp store –Black Moth / Limb Live