Limb told us over a vodka snakebite cocktail, that they wanted to play “fucking heavy”. This they most certainly do, though there is a little more to it than that. Hooks will hook you. Grooves will groove you. Grimm (sic) tales from the dark brain of vocalist Rob Hoey will unsettle you.

Limb have been a band to catch by those in the know on the Doom/Sludge scene since their formation in 2011. The underground metal label 'Witch Hunter Records' was hooked enough to release the band's early demos, as well as a recent split EP with fellow sludge merchants Gurt, on which Limb cover and truly demolish Queen's 'Son and Daughter'.

Metal Hammer described 'Gift Of The Sun', Limb's first release for NHS, as ‘Something like Down wearing Electric Wizard's resin encrusted jeans’. It's a pretty good description, but it only goes part of the way. Limb's murky emanations do indeed flow from the foggy well spring of British doom, sludge and heavy rock. For sure their sound also evokes the grooves of Goatsnake, Weedeater and Eyehategod. But they are a band that will look beyond the often strictly defined genre boundaries, to push the envelope and take a few risks whilst keeping the doom diehards' heads a-bangin'.

Their sound is shot through with an alternative twist on the Doom/Sludge theme. The record’s dynamics and approach are akin to Slint in many ways, though post rock it most certainly isn't. It's deliberately stripped-down. Stark, bleak and visceral. As dark and menacing as Joy Division 'de-tuned', though post-punk it most certainly isn't. There are moments of sleazy psychedelics, blasts of cosmic rock and brushes with hardcore. This is one heavy record.

Limb are: Rob Hoey, vocals; Tom Mowforth, drums; Sam Cooper, bass; Pat Pask, guitar.

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