Cut Yourself In Half

Cut Yourself In Half are the latest batch of Young British riff merchants, and frankly these four guys are a metal machine of quite ferocious proportions. Hailing from Bradford in the north of England, they’ve been honing their, since releasing their download only debut for NHS ‘Say Goodbye ToThe World’. Said single managed to get some heavy U.K. airplay and glowing reviews from the cognoscenti.

Cut Yourself In Half’s sound is a hellish amalgam of the hook-laden rolling stoner grooves of QOTSA and Red Fang, mashed with a mighty thump of Mastodon–esque heaviness and hard rock, all put through a psychedelic mangle. The music is huge, with thunderous riffs followed by thunderous rhythm changes and grooves that take in hardcore, doom and acid-rock, all executed with top class playing. This band effortlessly combine the rich heritage of British rock and the American mutations of that sound, to create something that’s totally their own, uniquely British, remarkably refreshing and indisputably heavy.
Be very afraid pilgrims.

Cut Yourself In Half are: George Quinn, Guitar. Mikey Feather, Guitar. Jonny Newell, Drums. Stefan Wilton on bass.

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