THRONE - Heavy Lies The Crown
Heavy Lies The Crown c/w The Loser Must Bow, available on download and a very special 250 only, heavyweight cream vinyl 7″ single with an embossed sleeve, and a free download of both tracks, plus an extra bonus track.
The first release from this hot London doom trio is a storming, meaty slice of downtuned doom. But with the added bonus of a fine grasp of songwriting, it's as accessable as it is heavy. Call it, Metal, Stoner, Sludge and by all means, Doom (doom die-hards will love it) for it is all of these things. Make no mistake - THRONE are taking this music far beyond the restrictions of genre classification and out to a whole new deep black legion of fans. 
Both these songs (for that is what they are - not just jams on riffs) strike a balance between crushing power and gloomy melody. They could have sold this pair of tunes to Geezer Butler and ensured that the next Sabbath album isn’t a crushing disappointment.  Beard Rock
There are times when a man must drop all pretences of eloquence and drop to their knees in worship of the all-conquering, all-consuming destructive might of the riff. This is one of those times. AAA Music
With deep dark condemning vocals, sludge heavy guitars and pounding tribal drums this is a must-listen for those dwelling on the darker heavier side of the music spectrum. Artrocker