New Heavy Sounds Vol 2

Various Artists



  1. The Computers: Lovers, Lovers, Lovers
  2. DZ Deathrays: Rad Solar
  3. Tweak Bird: Lights In Lines
  4. Lafaro: Meat Wagon
  5. Skull Defekts: No More Always
  6. Cut Yourself In Half: say Goodbye To The World
  7. White Hills: Three Quarters
  8. Mojo Fury: Deep Fish Tank
  9. Arabrot: Odine
  10. Slabdragger: Splice The Mainbrace
  11. Gum Takes Tooth: Tannkjott
  12. The Sword: Tres Brujas
  13. Black Moth: Spit Out Your Teeth
  14. Apple Cannon: Lightning Mask
  15. True Widow: Night Witches
  16. Lasers From Atlantis: Slaves
  17. Humanfly: This Is Where Your Parents Fucked
  18. Mother Destroyer: Hail Caesar

Sleeve art by Dan Holliday

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