New Heavy Sounds Vol 1

Various Artists



  1. Chickenhawk: Son Of Cern
  2. Turbowolf: The Big Cut
  3. Pulled Apart By Horses: E=MC Hammer (demo)
  4. Castrovalva: Triceratops
  5. Rolo Thomassi: Unromance
  6. These Monsters: Harry Patton
  7. Mugstar: Technical Knowledge As A weapon
  8. Bo Ningen: Magurd
  9. Bad For Lazarus: Fix My Fidget
  10. Godzilla Black: The Drought
  11. XM-3a: Wolves
  12. Holy State: Palms
  13. Kong: Sport
  14. Buffalo: Flash Of A Photograph
  15. Bad Guys: Alcowhore
  16. Invasion: In The Midst Of Madness
  17. We Rock Like Girls Don’t: Violence
  18. Strange News From Another Star: There Goes My Ghost
  19. Blacklisters: Belt Party

Sleeve art by Dan Holliday

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