Grave Lines

NHS are immensely proud to welcome London/Brighton heavy contingent GRAVE LINES to the NHS family, with the release of their second album ‘FED INTO THE NIHILIST ENGINE’.
Made up of Julia Owen, Jake Harding, Oliver Irongiant and Stgr’n Matt, Grave Lines are no strangers to the heavy music scene - previous bands include Throne, Sea Bastard, Dead Existence, Casual Nun, Landskap, War Wolf, Dysteria and The Death Letter. Their sound is not only an amalgamation of varied collective inspiration, it also seeks to blur the edges between genres. Goth, doom/sludge, heavy rock, post punk, downer jams and dark folk are all locked within a dynamic framework of all-encompassing heaviness.
Watch out pilgrims this band are killa live and not to be missed.

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